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Kerax kerasoy pillar 4120 2kg pk block, 100% natural soy wax, wax crafts, candle making, making wax melts, organic soy wax


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    Soy wax. Kerax kerasoy pillar blend 4120

    Sold in block form

    In 2kg ok

    Kerax Manufacturing has commenced for these 5kg tubs which they are introducing to upscale production. This is in addition to there pastilles and flakes.

    These are extremely easy to manage, you can easily break the wax down by inserting a sharp knife while it is still in the tub, the wax will crack and break off into chunks really easily. Alternatively if your melter is large enough it can go in as it is.

    Great for wax melts
    Easy removal from moulds
    None stick

    A 100% natural easy-to-use pillar & tart wax

    Manufactured by Kerax, a leading UK wax manufacturer, KeraSoy Pillar Blend is perfect for pillars, votives, tarts, wax melts and novelty candles as it is designed to contract from the moulds to enable easy mould release. An exclusive blend of soy and other natural waxes, it does not require additives, other than fragrance and colour required by the candle maker. Very easy to use so ideal for beginners.

    Melting point: 60°C
    Pour temperature: 55°C
    Max fragrance load: 10%

    Available sizes

    2kg ✔️

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