Eco friendly candle 100% pure coconut wax


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    Includes gift box
    Pleasant botanical scents of
    sandalwood & vanilla.
    Coconut and lime
    Lavender and vanilla
    hand made hand-poured candles. @ bows creation 2020
    100% natural coconut wax, in a gorgeous recycled/renewable coconut shell, with a beeswax wick, beautifully decorated with a natural hessian ribbon, detailed with a small gold like heart and pearl handmade eco-friendly tags and soybean ink, with pleasant botanical scents of sandalwood & vanilla.
    Carefully boxed on a bed of natural eco shredded paper.
    Environmentally friendly, botanical, sustainable, organic, natural, recycled, renewable, no toxic chemicals or phthalates and suitable for vegans.
    Live your life light your candle and love the planet

    Coconut wax is obtained via natural process, and is sustainable. burns gradually and cleanly, and throws scent extremely well, even when cold it's the modern alternative.

    Coconut wax candles are considered one of the healthiest, because they are smokeless and soot-free. 100% natural coconut oil. The candle industry has overlooked coconut wax, because it is more expensive. Although it lasts longer, because they burn more slowly than any other, leaving a very low environmental impact.

    Sandalwood essential oil has been proven to provide numerous health benefits. It's pleasing and captivating aroma calms the mind and alleviates worry by relaxing the Central nervous system. It is a powerful aid in meditation.

    The inclusion of sandalwood: Will experience a magical factory carpet ride into a faraway, exotic land. Its powerful redolence interrupts the distractions of the conscious mind to access deeper subconscious levels. For the modern traveller, hotels and inns that feature sandalwood blends create indelible memories of that specific location and sandalwood essential oil is also valued in the practice of aromatherapy.

    Fact: Sandalwood can survive over 80 years in nature.

    Vanilla is a pleasant fragrance capable of relieving the symptoms of depression, however, because of its relaxing properties, vanilla scents are commonly used to help promote restful sleep.

    Vanilla can elevate your mood and may often be used as a synonym for ”bland, ” but this scent is anything but when it comes into happiness levels. In a study, researchers found that taking a whiff of vanilla elevated participant’s feelings of joy and relaxation.

    Interesting: Drop two or three drops of vanilla extract onto the light bulb with the dropper. Turn on the light. The heat coupled with the extract will cause the smell of vanilla to waft through the area.

    Please note: Due to the nature of the coconut wax having a lower melting point they will soften in the heat.
    Caution: Please keep out of the heat and humidity,
    Store in a cool dry environment ♻️
    Please use responsibly: Keep away from children, pets and drafts, never leave a candle burning unattended.
    Instructions: always trim wick between burns, first burn until even burn pool reaches both sides. For optimum performance and a longer-lasting candle.

    Thank you for supporting a small business.